About Us

Karachi is the 7th largest city in the world.

Karachi is the largest and the most populous city of Pakistan.

Karachi is the financial and industrial hub of Pakistan.

Karachi is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

I can go on and on about Karachi, but I think the above facts are enough to give you a glimpse of Karachi. Karachi is a beautiful city with beautiful, generous people. Karachi is the philanthropic capital of the world. It has the highest per capita donation and charity rate in the world. I do not think we will ever be able to count the reasons why we love Karachi. Sure, it has its share of problems, but then which city does not?

Our love for Karachi made us start this blog to give people across the globe an insight of our lovely city. So, we invite you to embark with us on a journey to explore Karachi as we rediscover the city!


Jay Faruqui: A business graduate who just can’t get enough of cats. He is an aspiring fitness enthusiast who sprints between mixed martial arts, gyming, and football.

A Faruqui: A computer science graduate who loves to read and write. She has recently discovered her interest in raw foods and natural healing.

Both the authors are victims of a horrific sleep cycle.