Enjoy Your Youth To Avoid Going Cranky Later On

Have you ever seen a child with the demeanor of an old man? Have you ever seen an old man who still thinks he is the college sweetheart? Both of them don’t click. A child is supposed to be playful and naughty. An old man should have grace and warmth. I am not trying to stereotype people here. All I am saying is that every age has its own requirement and charm. When you are young, you should take every opportunity to enjoy your youth. Enjoying yourself is not a sin. If you don’t at your age when you are young, chances are you will not act your age when you grow older.

Reasons To Enjoy Your Youth

You Will Never Be Young Again

As Chad Sugg said, “Enjoy your youth. You’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment.” We are exploring our life during our youth. We make mistakes and learn. When we are young, we don’t have responsibilities of a family. We are independent. Your youth is a great time to be happy, so make the most of it. There are a lot of things which you will not be able to do later on, so make the most of the time when you are young.reasons to enjoy youth

You Will Have Trouble In Other Areas Of Your Life

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you are working or studying all the time you will get bored. In fact, your concentration and productivity may also decrease. You might even lose interest later on. You should always take time out for relaxation and leisure while you are studying or working.

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Your Wishes Will Not Remain The Same

Do you still want that toy that you wanted when you were young? Nope. It will not bring you any joy now. You have no desire for it now. Isn’t it strange that a thing that you wanted so badly before doesn’t mean anything to you now? Similarly, chances are you will not enjoy doing the things you like right now later on in life. Dressing up will not be this much fine when you have wrinkles and a balding head. You will not be able to rock jeans and a t-shirt when you are older. You will not enjoy going on long drives like you do now. It will just not be that thrilling. However, you will have a hole in your heart for not enjoying these things when the time was right. So, enjoy your youth while you can.enjoy your youth

You Will Have Regrets

An Australian nurse named Bonnie Ware spent a lot of years taking care of dying patients, She asked them about their regrets. Bonnie ended up writing a book called “The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying”. People regretted not being true to themselves, doing what others expected them to do, working hard, not expressing their feelings, not keeping in touch with heir friends, and not being happier. When you get older, you will miss not doing the things you could have done when you were younger. I certainly miss a lot of things I did not do when I was younger. Instead of having regrets later on, enjoy your youth.

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You Will Feel A Hole In Your Heart

While restraint is a  good habit, too much of it might shape your personality negatively. When you hold yourself back from everything and when you let other people decide the things you should not do, you stop having desires altogether. You become numb, indifferent, and cold. Later on, no matter how much money you earn or how much freedom you gain, you will just not know what you want. You will feel empty but you will have no idea what you need for fulfillment.

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You Will Never Let Go Of Your Youth

Like I said, every age has its own charm. No matter how physically fit you are or how young you look, you will look out of place if you try to be the life of the party or a rocker chic at 60. Some people who lead a restricted life or do not get to enjoy their youth tend to hold on to it. They act like 20 at 70. They refuse to accept their old age. They become a nightmare for their families. I would much rather advice you to live your life to the fullest when you are young instead of going wild when you have a family and responsibilities.enjoy your youth

You Will Not Be A Responsible Adult

You were not promoted to grade 2 before you passed grade 1. You were not taught in kindergarten what you were taught in primary. There are lessons to be learned at each age and those lessons help you progress in life. If your foundations are weak, you cannot move on to advance areas. Same is the case in your life. When you are young, you have a lot of energy. You need a fun and positive outlet to channel that energy. You are adventurous and daring when you are young. You have a lot of lessons to learn. If you remain confined during your youth, you will not have a good foundation to be a responsible adult. You will feel lost. You will feel like a child trapped in the body of an adult. You will feel confused and out of place.reasons to enjoy youth

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I am not advocating you to go wild during your youth. You should never let go of your moral compass and ethics. All I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your youth. Do not spend your weekends and vacations at home. Find a hobby. Meet friends. Dress up. It is very important to find a balance in your life. Look around and you will find a lot of people who regret wasting time and not enjoying their youth. Don’t be one of those people and have a good time while you can. Life will not remain the same always. You will get responsibilities. You will have to support your family financially. You are going to miss this time, so enjoy your youth and make the best of it so you can be a better human being later on.

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