Got My First Ever Waffle From The Waffle Cart! Was It Worth It?

Growing up in Karachi and having some exposure to the Western culture through media and books definitely makes you wish for some of their things not available here. Waffle was one such thing for me. I had always wanted to try it, that is why I was really happy when I found out about the Waffle Cart. Today, I finally had my first waffle. Do I sound like a kid?

The Waffle Cart Review

In their own words, the Waffle Cart serves delicious waffles in many flavors. They don’t really have an outlet, they have kiosks/stands in different places all over Karachi such as The Place, Luck One Mall, Malang’s Cafe and Chotu Chaiwala. These are some interesting choice of places, and I wonder why there is no Kiosk at any of the Dolmen Malls yet.

The Waffle Cart initially started out as an event based service but turned in to something more after good reception. As the owner’s claims, the waffles are supposed to be crispy on the inside and soft on the inside. Many flavours are available such as the Kit Kat waffle, Toblerone Waffle, Kinder Waffle, White Chocolate Waffle, and Ferrero Rocher Waffle. One of the best things is that their regular waffles are free of sugar and you can ask them for healthy toppings like roasted almonds and sugar free maple if you are health conscious. There are also first waffles, and the Waffle Cart is the only one serving them in Pakistan right now.


I think its commendable that the Waffle Cart has introduced waffles in Karachi. We need more of such things here and all over Pakistan. I also love the fact that they have healthier options for people who are careful about such things.

Now let’s talk about my waffle. I got the Kit Kat waffle. The first bite was heavenly. I absolutely loved it. It was really chocolaty. The second bite did’t excite my taste buds as much as the first one. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because of the law of diminishing utility. The waffle itself was pretty heavy. It made me feel full just after the first bite. It wasn’t crispy at all, it was just soft. This might be because I didn’t not eat it as soon as I got it. The toppings were good but not as generous as those pictured on the Instagram page of the Waffle Cart. The Kit Kat waffle costs 470 PKR, which I think is very expensive and not justified at all.


That is not to say that the waffle was not good. It was delicious but I will probably not be getting it again. The waffle itself was the deal breaker for me as it was too heavy. All the taste was provided by the toppings, the waffle itself had no taste of its own. At 470 PKR, this is a very costly dessert.

Have you eaten from the Waffle Cart? How was your experience?

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