Top Ten Foods For Digestion

Digestion plays a huge health in your overall health. A lot of health problems arise because of a compromised digestion system. The kind of diet that we have been taking all our life isn’t favorable for our gut. Processed food, junk food, and sugar all our very bad for our digestive system. But don’t worry, you can undo the damage by eating these foods for digestion:

Foods For Digestion


Did you know that Christopher Columbus referred to papaya as the “fruit of angels”? Papaya helps with the digestion process. It has papain which is a powerful digestive enzyme. Basically, papaya helps your digestive system breakdown the foods you eat easily. It is great for people with low stomach acid who find it difficult to digest certain foods, such as meat. Papaya is also great for people suffering from constipation. Did you know that constipation is often called the mother of all diseases? Try to eat papaya regularly to keep your gut health in check!


Green Chili

Green chili doesn’t just spice up your food, it also does wonder for your digestive system. It is one of the best foods for digestion. Green chilies release saliva while chewing so they aid in digestion. The heat produced by chilies also help with digestion. Basically, green chilies have a lot of dietary fiber that helps with colon cleansing and keep bowel movements chili for digestion


Lemon juice is just like the digestive juices present in the stomach. It helps the liver produce bile. This improves the digestion process. Lemon also improves the nutrients absorption in your body. Apart from that, lemon is also great for detoxing the body. If you ever feel like you have over eaten or if you mistakenly eat food that seems a little off, drink lemon water as it will help flush the digestive system.lemons for digestion


Plums have a lot of dietary fiber, and thus they can help with constipation. Plums will regulate your bowel movement. Plums are one of the best foods for digestion as they have laxative effects. A laxative is anything that helps with bowel movements. Plums will also help you increase appetite, so it is great for kids who don’t feel hungry.

plums for digestion


Tamarind is also a natural laxative. It has a lot f dietary fiber. Eating tamarind regularly will do wonders for your digestive system. Like lemon, tamarind helps your live produce bile which helps dissolve food faster. The dietary fiber and gastric juices together improve digestion.tamarind for digestion


If papaya has papain, pineapple has bromelain. This digestive enzyme will help your body break down protein in your food faster. Apart from that, pineapple also has fiber which is great for constipation.pineapple for digestion


Yogurt contain probiotics which are live cultures of healthy bacteria that keep the bad bacteria away. Yogurt is great for all kind of stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation.yogurt for digestion

Ground Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds have a lot of soluble fiber which helps with regular bowel movements. They also have lignans and oils that keeps the digestive process smooth. These oils greatly help with constipation too.flaxseeds for digestion

Fennel Seeds (saunf)

Fennel seeds helps with chronic constipation. It also helps with gas and bloating. Chew some fennel seeds after your meals to aid digestion.fennel seeds for digestion


Cardamom is great for digesting acidic and heavy foods. It is a good idea to chew a few cardamom seeds after meals to ensure proper digestion. Cardamon is also great if you suffer from gas and bloating.

cardamom for digestion

Apart from incorporating these foods for digestion in your diet, stay away from sugary foods and junk food. Unhealthy foods mess with your digestion process. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber rich foods. Also make sure that you are getting enough protein. Drink a lot of water as water is needed for the digestive system to work smoothly.

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