Things To Do On 14th August 2017

14th August is just a few days away. I am sure you do not want to spend your day sleeping (if you are lucky enough to have a day off). If you are wondering what to do, we have some ideas.

14th August 2017 Things To Do

Go Out To Eat

Tons of places are offering discounts to celebrate the Independence Day. Here are 14 restaurants in Karachi that are offering discounts to celebrate Independence.14th august speech

If you need even more options, here are some:

Urban Deira

14th august deals


14th august food deals

Cheese, Crust & Co

14th august food deals


14th august food deals

Pizza 99

14th august independence deals


independence day deals

Buns and Grill

14 august deals

Cafe Bistrovia

14th august restaurant deals

Naan Sahab

14th august karachi deals

Go To A Mall

Malls come alive during the season of festivities. And if you are lucky, you might even spot some 14th August sales like these in Karachi:


alkaram 14 august sale

Ideas by Gul Ahmed

gul ahmed sale

Amir Adnan

14th august deals

J. | Junaid Jamshed

junaid jamshed 14 august sale


14 august sale

Have Some Coffee

We are not always in the mood for lunch or dinner. How about some coffee?

New York Coffee

14 august deals

See Some Lights

When you go out, you can see green and white everywhere in Karachi on 14th August. The trees are adorned with lights. There are flags everywhere. Go out and bask in the glory of your city!

14th august karachi

Plant A Tree

Unfortunately, global temperatures are rising because of global warming. Karachi has witnessed some brutal heat in the last few years. We really need to do something about it. One of the best contributions you can make is planting a tree. Just imagine the impact if each one of us plants a tree.plant a tree karachi

Help Someone

The best way to help yourself is to help someone. It is an honor to be able to help someone. If you are lucky enough to be in that position, make the best use of your health, time, and money, and help someone! There are many ways to help people out. You can volunteer somewhere. You can help little kids with school work like this.

Mend Broken Ties

Independence day teaches us a lot about unity. Why not get practical, and reach out to someone you had a fight/argument/misunderstanding with?

Cosmetic Shopping

This one is for my girls. A lot of cosmetics shops/brands offer discounts on 14th August. Just4Girls is also offering up to 70% off on some items!

just4girls azadi sale

Make A Resolution

Who said new years is the only time to make resolutions? On 31st December, we make resolutions for ourselves. On 14th August, make a resolution for your country. How about making a resolution of not breaking the traffic signal? How about a resolution of not throwing away empty wrappers on the road?


How do you celebrate 14th August? Let us know by commenting below!

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