14 August Speech Guidelines

14 August 2017 is just around the corner. I remember how fun it was to spend 14 August in school. We girls used to wear green dupattas on our uniforms and also took small Pakistan flags with use. Celebrating independence day in school is one of the best memory I have of school days. I am no longer in school but I do remember how 14 August speech was an integral part of the independence day celebrations. So I thought I would help my school going fellows here by giving them a few ideas for 14 August speech to them. Hope it helps!

14 August Speech For School Going Kids

Start your 14 August Speech By Greeting Everyone

Begin your independence day speech by greeting the attendants. For instance, say Salam to the chief guest and everyone else present in the hall. Express your gratitude for being able to present a speech on the historic day of 14th August. Take this opportunity to grab the attention of the audience. Make sure your voice is audible, clear, and jubilant.14th august speech

Give A Little Background of 14 August

Tell your audience about the significance of 14 August. Tell them about the sacrifices made by our forefather to create Pakistan. Tell them about the importance and the need for a separate state for Muslims. Tell your audience about the persecution that Muslims face in non-Muslim countries such as Myanmar. You can also tell the religious significance of 14 August by telling your audience that it was the 27th Ramadan according to the Islamic date when Pakistan was created.

Tell A Little About Pakistan

Tell the audience about the advancement of Pakistan over these years in your 14 August speech. Tell them about the success in the agricultural and manufacturing sector. Tell them about the booming services sector. You may shed a little light on the problems Pakistan is currently facing and how it is trying to cope with them.

Tell About People Of Pakistan

Remember, Pakistan might be a Muslim majority country, but people belonging to other religions live here too. Mention this in your 14 August speech. Tell your audience how people belonging to different religions peacefully coexist in Pakistan. The white part in the Pakistani flag represents the minorities of Pakistan. You can also include a brief explanation of the different ethnicities of Pakistan and the unity between them.

Explain How 14 August Is Celebrated

14 August is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm every year in Pakistan. Most schools and colleges organize special events to celebrate the Independence Day. A lot of people wear green on the day. Restaurants and retailers offer special Independence Day discounts. Children decorate their houses with flags. In this era of social media, most of the celebrations are done online.

Conclude Your Speech With Hopeful Words

End your speech by telling your audience about all the wonderful things that are happening in Pakistan right now. For instance, you can discuss CPEC and its positive impacts on Pakistan. Also, remind people of the things that made the creation of Pakistan easier such as the unity of people, their patience, their struggle, their honesty, and their hard work. Tell your audience that we need these traits too if we want Pakistan to progress.


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