12 Reasons Why Rejection Is Good For You

If we were to list the worst feelings in the world than getting rejected would probably top the list. The reason many of us never actually pursue our true desires or are afraid to go after our dreams is that we fear that if we fail to achieve our goals, people will reject us and all the embarrassment or regret that will come with failure is not worth the chance. But is that so? You might be surprised to know that rejection is good for you a lot of times!

Rejection Is Good For You

Rejection is another form failure:

Honestly, no one likes to fail even if it matters very little but most successful people in the world are those who had faced severe failures in life, be it an actor, a business person, or a king. And without failure, there would be no fun in life anyway. Jack Ma, the founder of alibaba.com and China’s richest person proudly shares his experience of failures and rejections with everyone. Out of 25 people who applied at KFC, he was the only one that got rejected but that didn’t stop him from becoming what he is today.

Remember rejection as a good memory:

How stupid that may sound but if you look at your past there were many things that you thought mattered a lot but now has a very little or no impact on your life. We often laugh at ourselves even for getting worried about useless things in the past. Rejections help us prove our self-worth to the world. Without the fear of rejection or without ever failing at anything, we would never prepare ourselves for the worst and we might never be able to be the best version of us.rejection is good for you

There is always something better waiting for you:

One thing that is common among all of us is that we cannot predict future. No one knows if tomorrow will be our best day or the worst. The world would have been deprived of so many amazing things if no one was ever rejected. Many successful businessmen would be working on minimum wages if they had not lost their jobs. No nation would have developed if they had never witnessed drought, hunger, poverty or wars. We learn from our mistakes or we take lessons from other’s mistakes.rejection makes you stronger


Rejection prepares you for the world:

The world is a lot crueler than you thought it was. This is a harsh truth that they don’t teach you at school and you will learn it from your experiences. So, should we lock our self in our room to be safe from the world? Of course not, locking yourself in a room is hard, boring and irrational but caring less about everyone is what you need to do. Rejection prepares us to care more about ourselves and care about things that really matter in life.rejection benefits

Rejection makes you better:

If you have given enough job interviews or even some interviews you must have realized that you are careful every time not to repeat your past mistakes. Confidence comes with experiences and expertise and they come with practice. Have you ever seen a sports person who never practiced, yet won every game? Everything that we humans do does not come perfectly the first time but with persistence and patience, even ordinary can be made extraordinary.rejection

Rejection helps you grow a thick skin

One another reason that rejection is good for you that it prepares you to deal with criticism positively. We often lag behind just because we take every criticism and failure as personal attacks. Rather it should be taken as a reason to improve ourselves. Our worst critics are often our best wishers who can see our true potential which sometimes we don’t see.rejection is good

Rejection helps you in other areas of life

Rejection is good for you because it helps you overcome the fear. Once you overcome the fear of being rejected, you develop a care free attitude towards life. it helps you to think more positively and have an optimistic approach in everything you do. Those who achieve big things in life are the once who take big risks and being positive is their key to success.why rejection is good for you

Rejection encourages you to look for more opportunities

When one thing does not work out, we try other options and find new possibilities that help us to be more creative. When you get rejected from a job, you apply to other places. We often find best things in life by just merely looking. Science has achieved a lot since past century but still, we see scientist looking for even better inventions. Edison made almost 1000 unsuccessful attempts making a bulb. The opportunity is always there for us we just have to unlock the correct door.reject

Rejection helps you understand why you failed

Before rejection, we do not realize our mistakes or we just don’t think much about where we are lagging behind. Rejection is good for as it helps you note down the reasons for your failure. Many students despite giving their full efforts and hard work do not achieve good results, while some achieve better results with little efforts. The reason being the latter knows where to work hard and where not to. Without knowing our weaknesses, we make ourselves vulnerable to failures.rejection benefits

Rejection helps you understand how other people think

You might think you have all the necessary qualities and qualifications, but maybe the job hunters think you are missing something? Maybe you are not expressing yourself in the interviews properly. It’s really crucial to understand how other perceive you. Often we don’t realize but sometimes our habits may give a very wrong impression to others. It is appreciatable if you are confident in your appearance, habits, belief, and opinion but it’s always good to maintain balance in life.rejection is great

Rejections Teach You That It Is Not Your Fault

Can we blame the farmers if the weather is bad for the crops? Can we keep the sunlight for the night? Do we control what happens in the world? We have really limited control over things in life and least we can do is believe in good fate. There is a saying among our elders that we get in life what we expect from it, if we have firm belief that goodness will come then it will surely come and if we are negative then negativity will cover us from all around.

Rejection Can Help You Re-plan

We often think something is good for us when it is not. When we fail at it, we realize it was not for us in the first place. For example, you might get rejected from a business school only to realize later that it was never your passion. For instance, I know a friend who got rejected from the business program at a prominent university in Karachi. She later got accepted into another program in the same school. She is so thankful now that she got rejected from the business program, as the other program opened more doors for her. So, you see, rejection is good for you because it helps you make better plans.


If you have faced rejection or seen failures then you have passed the ordinary phase and it’s time and sign for you to show your extraordinary self to the world.

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