Make The Most Of The Karachi Rain!

Just when the heat became unbearable and depressing, God sent down rain. Towards the end of the 3rd day of Eid, when people were gearing up to resume the normal life, Karachities got another reason to be happy. Since it looks like the rainy days are here to stay for a while, we thought why don’t we compile a little guide to help you get by.

Karachi Rain Tip#1: No Pakora Samosa

Since I am neither about that basic life, nor a proponent of an unhealthy lifestyle, I warn you to stay away from pakoras. Seriously, why is every occasion a reason to eat something oily and unhealthy though? Ramadan? Eat pakoras. Eid? Eat nimco. Shadi? Eat mithai. Why is every occasion a reason to get a step closer to death? Seriously, stop.

Karachi Rain Tip #2: Stop Whining

When it was hot, you were crying about the heat. When it’s raining, you are crying about the effed up roads. Be thankful and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Karachi Rain Tip #3: Stay Indoors

Since Karachi has turned into Venice, and Careem still has no ships despite the fact that they have a lot of captains on board, it’s best to stay in. Also, keep the trees that the government forgot to prune and the snapped wires in mind.

Karachi Rain Tip #4: Catch Up On Some Reading

Rainy weather is very calming. I know people in the West find the gray weather depressing, but for Karachites, it is a blessing. Curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea to relax and unwind.

Karachi Rain Tip #5: Volunteer

Do not forget those who are at a risk during the rainy season. Ask your domestic staff about the problems they might be facing and help them out. Educate people about the danger of electric wires and unpruned trees. Keep an eye on kids to ensure they are safe.rain

Enjoy the rain and stay safe!


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