Eid: Expectations VS Reality

In a perfect world, we would all look breathtakingly beautiful in our perfect Eid clothes, feasting on mouthwatering dishes lining a big table in the garden, in the company of our friends and relatives. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different, to say the least.

Unrealistic Eid Expectation #1: Showing Up To Masjid Looking Put Together


Waking up late

Barely having any time to shower

Making a mad dash for azarband (drawstring), and fighting for the iron.


A taunt from your dad: “Ye larka her saal ye he kerta hai!”

Extra Bonus:

Looking for a mosque “jahan namaz dair se hogi”eid meme

Unrealistic Eid Expectation #2: Getting Lots of Eidi


You are too old for eidi.

All rich relatives now live abroad.


All the kids in the family now expect eidi from you. In short, WTF.fist meme

Unrealistic Eid Expectation #3: Looking Beautiful In Eid Clothes


pimples meme

mom memes

It’s too hot to wear your fancy clothes.

Plot Twist:

You wear your beautiful clothes and look amazing, but no one comes to your house, neither do you visit anyone. In short, WTF!!


Unrealistic Eid Expectation# 4: Spending Eid With Friends And Family


All your favorite relatives have moved abroad.

All your not so favorite relatives are ignoring you too.

Your friends have a life.

You spend Eid sleeping, watching tv, and admiring everyone else’s perfect Eid on Facebook.

eid meme
Your Eid summed up in a picture


Unrealistic Eid Expectation #5: Having A Feast


You are fed up of the same menu of biryani, korma, mithai, and sawaiyan every year.eid meme

Plot Twist

You order a pizza which gets devoured by your relatives. kermit

We hope that your Eid goes just the way you expect it to this year. May all your expectations turn into reality this Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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