14th Street Pizza: The Best Pizza In Karachi

There is nothing more uplifting than a good old pizza, with the right balance of cheese, meat, and sauce. 14th Street Pizza has managed to hit the right notes. Called me old-fashioned, but I like to stick to places/food/people that do it right. Ever since I have discovered 14th Street Pizza, I rarely order food from somewhere else.

14th Street Pizza Co

If you are looking for a customizable pizza that is filling and provides a good value for money, look no more. 14th Street Pizza is the pioneer in launching the New York style 20-Inch hand-tossed pizza in Pakistan. You no longer have to order a full pizza anymore. You can order one-half of a pizza, or you can even order a slice. Perhaps the most fun part is the customization. You can select your crust:

14th street pizza deals

Then you can select the size of the pizza:

14th street pizza size

Choose how you want the sauce to be:

14th street pizza menu

You can then choose your flavor:

14th street pizza flavour

Finally, you can choose vegetables and the extra toppings:

14th street pizza co

This is the level of customization that 14th Street Pizza provides. Those who like pineapple on their pizza can rejoice, as 14th Street Pizza Co has an option for that too! Most of the times, I order the pepperoni pizza from the 14th Street Pizza. This time, I ordered the chicken fajita too. The best part, of course, is the free lava cake I get. Read on to find out how to get free lava cake from 14th Street Pizza.

The pepperoni pizza from the 14th street is the best pepperoni pizza I have had in Karachi. The pepperoni is thin and crispy. In short, it is perfect. The pepperoni does not have the characteristic stench of beef which puts of some people, including myself. There is a generous amount of pepperoni on the pizza. The crust is stuffed with cheese, although I wish there was more cheese in there. The crust of the pizza is very soft and chewy. Most of all, the crust is always really fresh. The cheese is buttery, rich, and a little creamy. I have tried pepperoni pizza from two other pizza places in Karachi, and they were hardly edible. The stench of pepperoni is always too strong. 14th Street Pizza has done the pepperoni pizza right. Even if you do not like beef, you will enjoy this pizza. I tried the chicken fajita pizza too this time. The chicken was perfectly spicy. It had the perfect flavor of oregano and paprika. For both the pizzas, I went for one-half of a 20 inch. Seriously, 1 slice is enough to fill you up. 14th Street Pizza usually sends garlic butter with the order.14th street pizza co pepperoni

If you want a deal recommendation for 2 people, I would recommend the ‘Time For 10’ deal. It has 1 original 10 incher pizza, a full serving of sidelines, and a 1 liter drink. It is a 24/7 deal, which means you can order it whenever you want. The sidelines include cheesy bread, garlic bread, potato skins, and potato wedges. You can choose 1 sideline, obviously. I always order either the garlic bread or the cheesy bread. It comes along with a Southwest dip.

14th Street Pizza only entertains delivery requests. They do not have a place where you can eat. I think this is good, because all their concentration is on getting the pizza right. As for the free lava cake I mentioned earlier, well you just needs to scan the QR code on the receipt to get a free something with your next order. This is very sweet of 14th Street Pizza.


I hope that 14th Street pizza maintains its quality in the future. I have seen food chains go down the drain. I would hate for that to happen to 14th Street pizza too.

To order, visit www.14thstreetpizza.com or call them on 111-36-36-36.


Have you tried 14th Street Pizza? Which flavor is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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