The Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Butter

Do you ever buy a product with great expectations only to be disappointed? Maybe the product failed you or maybe your expectations were unrealistic. I think my expectations belong to the second category when it comes to the Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Butter

What Is A Lip Butter

Lip butter usually consist of natural butter and/or oils to provide a long lasting moisturization to your lips. Their consistency is usually light but they may feel heavy on the lips. They are not usually medicated. Lip butter is ideal for people who live in drier climates. Lip butter can be used by both men and women alike.

The Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Butter

According to the Body Shop’s website, this fruity lip butter is made from cold pressed strawberry seed oil. It softens and nourishes lips. It also gives your lips a subtle, natural-looking sheen. It makes your lips soft and smooth. It has a sweet scent.


The Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Butter is everything it claimed to be and nothing I expected it to be. In short, my expectations were unrealistic. Somehow, I was expecting the lip butter to be of red color since it is made of strawberries. Turns out, it is actually made from strawberry seed oil. I was hoping it to be red so that it would give my lips a hint of red color. As the Body Shop says, it does give your lips a light sheen which makes them look glossy. The smell of the lip butter is amazing, to say the least. It smells of delicious, luscious, sweet strawberries. It is hydrating, but I do not find it intensely hydrating. This might be because of the fact that I do not use too much of the product. Overall, the product is good. The best point is perhaps the strawberry scent, but that is not why we buy lip butter, right? I do not think I will repurchase this product as the white color is a bit of a turn off for me.


I got my Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Butter from the for PKR 1, 040 (9.9 USD).

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