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If you live in Karachi, you probably know that summers are pretty brutal. I normally avoid going out during the afternoons. It is just too hot to even think about going out after 1 pm and before 5 pm. One fine day. I broke this rule. I decided to go to the Dolmen Mall, Clifton, which is an hours drive from my home. And I forgot to take a water bottle with me. And the air conditioning in my car doesn’t really work. And you can’t put shades on your windows in Karachi anymore. So, needless to say, the ride was not that pretty. I headed straight to the GreenO Juice Bar after reaching the mall.

GreenO Juice Bar To The Rescue

GreenO Juice Bar has plentiful to offer: seasonal fresh juices, doctor juices (targeted for people with medical conditions like blood pressure), dairy classics (featuring dairy-based smoothies), fruit smoothies, detox juices, tonic juices, healthy blends, and shakes. I had tried their Berry Refreshing Yogurt smoothie before, which was indeed very refreshing. It contained strawberry, orange, banana, honey, and Greek Yogurt. This time around I tried All Time High, which had guava, strawberry, pineapple, orange juice, banana, and honey.

Oh, so did I not finish my story? As soon as I reached the mall, I wasn’t particularly hungry but I was mildly dehydrated. That’s when I decided to grab something from GreenO Juice Bar.

Green) Juice Bar makes your juices, smoothies, and shakes right in front of you. Even their ingredients are there on the counter. Their equipment is very clean, and they have maintained hygiene standards. Since everything is done in front of you, you feel satisfied that you are getting the real down. One let down though is the prices factor. I do think the prices are a bit on the higher side. On the bright side, splurging on an overpriced glass of fresh juice is better than getting a cheap burger.

I am happy that there are many GreenO Juice Bar outlets across the city. I hope many more juice bars open in the year to come, and the competition drives down prices, so we never have to worry about quenching our thirst while out in the sun!


Have you tried anything from the GreenO Juice Bar? What did you try and how was it? Share with us in the comments below!

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