The Ego Traffic

It was a quiet Sunday morning when I and my family decided to go for a drive at the seaside. I have always had some reservation with Sundays, maybe because of the fact that next day is killer Monday and you cannot get it out of your mind. Apart from the Monday feeling, Sundays are always ideal for eating the tasty halwa puri breakfast and going for some shopping and buying grocery. Living in a big city you are always met with a traffic jam at some point, especially if it’s a working day. But luckily it was Sunday and the least I could expect was a traffic jam at 7 am.

Clash of the Egos

It all started at the parking lot, someone had blocked my car because they could not care less. Took around half an hour to get that person to wake up and unblock the area. After all the hustle I expected that guy to at least give an excuse for the mishap but to my surprise, he gave a kind of look as if I had murdered someone. In fact, I did kill his sleep, but that was for the greater good after all.

So I kept my cool and decided to continue with our plan, took the usual route for seaside as it was short and signal free, that meant less traffic. But it was Sunday morning and roads have little or no traffic. Little did I know that the route which I took was under construction and the traffic was diverted to another road, Fair enough, that should not be a problem since it’s a Sunday morning, after all, I said to myself. But to my amazement, I witnessed a huge lane for cars and trucks merged into each other finding their ways. Well, it is no surprise to see such things during normal days but one does not expect it on a Sunday mornings. Took pretty much an hour to get out of that mess and after that, we decided to ditch our plan and have our breakfast at home.

I get it that traffic diversions and road construction can create confusion. What I don’t get though is the frenzy that ensues. I mean ok, traffic jams are a big deal. Why do we have to take it a step further and make it worse? To escape the traffic jam, people will take any route, whether it’s right or wrong. This further complicates things and makes traffic jams last hours instead of minutes. If only we show some patience at times like these, we can prevent the situation from escalating.traffic jam karachi

Well, it was not the first time that I was blocked in a traffic jam. Everyone faces it either regularly or occasionally. But what disturbs me the most is that we have become so accustomed to it that we become a party to it many times and do not realize the mess we make for others.


How is the traffic situation in your country? Do you get stuck often? Share with us in the comments below!

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