Can You Tell Apart Slavery And Job?

A Little while ago I quit my job on the third day of joining. Apart from being lazy, the need of being independent is the reason I have always hated 9 to 5 work routine.  How many of us spend a major part of our life working for someone else’s dream. Work that comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment and little or no job guarantee, one mistake and you are out. Under the system of slavery, the master has every right over his slave. The case for a modern day employee is no different.

Why I Quit My Job

I thought slavery was abolished in most parts of the world and especially in developed cities. Little did I know that it was never meant to end, it just evolved. It has evolved into modern slavery where anyone can become a slave without even realizing.  A slave is not supposed to take decisions on his own, he does not take leave without permission and he is bound to work as long as his master needs him.

modern day slavery
Herd mentality?

But how can I compare an employee working for some organization by his own will to a slave? I do not say that every person working for someone is a slave. But there are a lot of similarities between a slave and an employee.

An average Karachite spends  10 to 11 hours on work and work-related activities. While 9 hours is the standard office time, many offices encourage unpaid late sittings. If you are lucky enough to not it in till late, bear in mind that you still have to waste hours stuck in traffic to get home. While Karachi is blessed with all seasons to enjoy, summer is the longest here and dealing with scorching heat is a part of life here.

Ever wondered how much you make for your employer and how little you get in return? In most cases, an employee doesn’t even get 10% of their monetary contribution to the company. No matter how much money an employee make for their employer; they still get the same pay in return.  If you can make that much for someone else then you can definitely make it for yourself. At the cost of your mental and physical health, you get a fixed limited wage in return. The biggest resource of your life is your time; you cannot get even a second of your life back. So make sure you spend your time working for your own dreams.

One thing that most of the slaves have but an employee does not is that a slave can count on his master for every need and even expect freedom in the best case scenario but a poor employee has no one to count on. Under the system of slavery, a slave has to tolerate his master only but an employee has to tolerate every other person who works with him. On top of that, your mental health suffers because of office politics.

Karachi is the business hub of our country. There are unlimited untapped opportunities waiting for someone like you to avail them. Pakistan is a developing country which means there are still many areas which are at the growing stage. Why else do you think a country like China who is a business leader would invest billions of dollars here? If you do not take advantage of your surrounding then someone else will. A slave is used for personal advantage and so is an employee.

When I recall my last experience as an employee, all I can remember is how everyone was supposed to take a break at 1 pm for lunch and get back to work at 2 pm sharp. Even if there is no work to do you are supposed to be seated and complete your working hours. There is a pay cut on late arrival and no extra pay for late sittings. And like a cherry on top, they wanted me to sign a bond stating that I shall pay a penalty of three-month salary if I decide to leave. In simple words, become a slave for 10 hours every day and we will pay you a small fraction of what you will earn for us.slavery

Not everyone has the same experience and there are employers who provide flexibility to their workers. But only a few ones are lucky enough to get employers like that and even they do not have independence or authority.  Getting a promotion or a raise depends more on your luck than your commitment to the organization. Some organizations give annual pay raise to every employee regardless of their efforts. So no matter how hard you work, everyone will get a uniform pay raise.

We have been raised to believe that getting a job after completing education is a sign of success. When people get a job, they feel their future is secure. Our mindset is such that we tolerate unfair employment policies without even suspecting that they are not right. We need to break free from this mentality. Starting your own venture might be time-consuming and risky, but it will be so worth it in the end.

When I get old, I do not wish to look back at my life and regret my decision of being a slave and letting go of my dreams. I do not want my health to suffer because I did not have time for the gym because of my job. Who would want to miss a vacation but many of us do because of our high demanding jobs? No wonder why many people in most developed countries are quitting their jobs to start their own businesses. They have realized that if they can make so much for other’s business then they can surely make something for themselves.

Does your employer treat you fairly? Have you quit your job to work on your own venture? Do you think employment today is just like slavery? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!slavery


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