Safari Park Karachi

What better way to start your morning than on a top of a hill, overlooking a lake swarmed by ducks and pelicans, watching the sunrise? What better way to spend your evening than jogging on a track dotted with flowers? Safari Park Karachi, located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, has only gotten better with time.

Safari Park: The Park Of My Childhood

I remember feeding biscuits to peacocks when I was a little kid. I thought of them as my friends. Though I do not know if the feeling was mutual, I do remember the peacocks ending their dance once when they saw me with those biscuits in my hands. Safari Park was something of a wonderland. There were duck and pelican in the lake. You could buy popcorns to feed those ducks. There were swings and slides. There were hills to trek. Then there was this legend that fairies visited the hills. I never believed that story though, I have always been smart. I mean, as beautiful as Safari Park is, why would fairies pay a visit? Wouldn’t the sea view be a more fascinating hangout?

I stopped going to Safari Park as I grew older. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just happened. Meanwhile, a lot of attractions were added to Safari Park Karachi. The Go Aish Adventure theme park was set up adjacent to the Safari Park. The park has quad biking, paintballing, ropes course, indoor climbing, and mini golf sections. Safari Park also offers a mini train ride into the Safari Area. I recently went back to Safari Park as soon the sun was up. I will let the pictures do the talking.

tree house safari park karachi
Fancy a tree house?
safari pak karachi pics
fresh and alive!
safari park ducks
popcorns are all they ask for
sunrise safari park karachi
The best time to go to Safari Park is early morning, just as the ducks start coming out

safari park lake

go aish go kart
In need of some adventure? Head to Go Aish!
lake safari park
The other lake in Safari Park!
safari park
au natural!
go aish safari park
Go Aish!

safari park

safari park bus ride
The Safari Bus takes you into the safari area
safari park karachi peacocks
peacocks of Safari Park

safari park karachi train

African gray parrot safari park
The parrot is camera conscious, go to Safari Park to meet him!

safari park karachi

safari park karachi

rabbits safari park karachi

Somewhere along smartphones and urban adventures, we have forgotten the serene atmosphere that parks have. Whenever I am stressed, I try to go to local parks. The quiet, peaceful atmosphere of parks takes you away from the humdrum of life. The world is increasingly becoming a concrete jungle, and Karachi is no different. Trees are not planted as they pose a threat to the foundations of the building. This is a sad joke. Fortunately, parks are full of greenery. Plants and flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also calm the senses. Safari Park Karachi is more than your local park. It is a wildlife park, with hills and lakes.


When was the last time you visited a park? Let us know in the comments below!

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